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Encompassing an area north of the M8 and the A89, and south of Linlithgow, between Dechmont in the east and Boghall and Bathgate in the west, the Bathgate hills also take in Torphichen, site of the 12th century stronghold of the Knights of St John and the well-loved Beecraigs Country Park.

Accessing the hills from Livingston is fairly direct via the Drumcross Road, where you’ll find Raven Craig, a 54.5 hectare hilly woodland, used as a deer park from 1750-1805 by land-owner Lord Hopetoun and quarried in 1875 in vain efforts to unearth silver.

There are train stations and bus routes serving Bathgate, Linlithgow, Livingston and the other towns surrounding the hills. These will get you as close as you can to the hills without a car. However the hills are wide reaching over 5-10 miles so you’ll have significant walking to do if you use public transport, as none of these will get you very close. 

For those travelling in a car, or happy to walk from public transport, clicking the map below will take you to a site sharing locations of the key peaks of the Bathgate Hills and their proximity to local roads.