Knock Stone Circle & Persephone’s Rest

Knock Stone Circle

The Knock stone circle is located by The Knock in the Bathgate Hills, 2 miles north east of Bathgate. It was built in 1998 to celebrate the 50th birthday of the farmer, a gift from his son. 

The circle is made up of 2 concentric rings using 50 massive stones. There is one horizontal stone in the centre, supported by 3 vertical stones in the middle.


Persephone’s Rest - made with love by John Eadie

When we were kids, my dad used to take us to the most wonderful place in the world, it was in Inverurie and there we would stay with Charlie and Mary Broadfoot, they were the most amazing couple. We loved going there in the holidays. 

We knew we were there when we seen the statue of Persephone, standing in the trees, she was as important to us as she was to the locals. We learned all about her, mainly that she was the Goddess of spring and it’s abundance, she was also the Goddess of gardening and farming. Where she walked life blossomed. 

So with this in mind I first sought Granny Knocks blessing, then started harvesting willow from Witch Craig, I then prepared the site and set to work building my folly. The first wicker temple to a pagan god built in these hills in millennia, it took around a mile and three quarters of willow to make and it’s called Persephone’s rest, where she can reside till winter, it is dedicated to all the local gardeners and farmers, who aid her in her work. 

Please feel free to visit it. In it you will find a bench and a simple egg shaped alter. If you want fatter lambs and calfs, if you want your roses looking better, your barley to ripen or bigger crops from your wee garden, then make an offering to Persephone and she’ll do her bit.

I believe she preferred offerings of beer and cake. 

Love and peace from planet Bead, bringing beautiful things to a beautiful world