Bathgate Hills website is set up

As part of the Bathgate Hills Venture we have produced this Work in Progress website where we can share useful information about the Bathgate Hills. This website in time will become a good reference point to find out about history of the hills and also useful information if you plan to venture to the Bathgate Hills. We’ve managed to secure:
It’s early days on the website front. You will see we have begun to gather and share information on here about Galabraes Standing Stone,  The Knock and Ravencraig in the “Explore” section of the website, and a little about our current projects. More will follow in the next few months and beyond.
On an ad-hoc basis we will update this website so that more and more information is recorded on here that you may find useful when exploring the Bathgate Hills.
We welcome all constructive feedback, so thanks if you take the time to do that.
Also if anyone is keen to get involved in developing the website or has anything they wish to add such as information, stories, photos etc please get in touch with us – you’ll find a contact form and emails details here.

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