Chapel Well Garden has a new flower bed

Bathgate’s lovely Chapel Well Garden has it’s new flower bed. Big thanks to Enterprise Bathgate in Bloom for the plants and our volunteers for all the digging and planting.
As we move into Autumn we’ll swap these bedding plants for sensory ones, smelly lavender, useful herbs, interesting furry plants etc. We hope the garden will be fairly accessible by all – to provide the quiet reflective sensory space that many people suggested when we asked for project ideas.
Be nice to add QR codes on simple discrete posts so people can visit, link to our website, and learn the history of the Chapel Well and the Provost’s lamp post. We’ll check options with the council, who have given us great support.
Meanwhile we’d really appreciate gardeners giving us advice about the best safe smelly plants and herbs to add in Autumn. We have some good experience but it would be great to get others views too. The garden has a mix of sunny spots and shade, and is primarily fairly dry.
Looking forward to the next phase! 🌿🍃🌸🌱🥀🌻

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