Working with HES at Cairnpapple

We have been speaking to Historic Environment Scotland and agreed we will give some help thinning the Rosebay Willow Herb. It’s lovely in small amounts but risks taking over. Thinning it will help make space for other wild flowers, heathers and blaeberries.
The plants are at just the right stage to easily remove – big enough to see but not too big, and not quite flowering yet.
We have about 4-5 weeks of ideal time to work on them.
Will aim to do this over a few weeks – some afternoons, some early evenings and some weekends – plan to do an hour or so each time.
Good excuse to get out in the fresh air and enjoy the incredible views too!
We’d love to include individuals and groups from around the hills in this project. If you are keen to be involved you can contact us here.

21st June Update

Big thanks to our fantastic volunteers Alistair Laird, Moses Ali, Lesley Maxwell and Ruby B who helped clear rosebay willow herb at Cairnpapple yesterday evening. Nice to help give back at this stunning place that we all love, and enjoy the summer solstice sunshine. Great company 😊
Can’t believe how much we got done!
Plenty left for the bees too 🐝
Think we’ll need one more go to do the other side, and get the balance right between leaving some there and letting the other plants breathe.

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